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January 22, 2009


amrit sorli

Hi Carey R. Carlson

Myself I replace space-time with a Riemann 3 dimensional timeless space where time is run of clocks.

yours amrit

Carey R. Carlson

Hi Amrit,
I think that four dimensions are required for space-time. Do you have any results in quantum theory, such as a definition of energy, or the structure of the electron?

amrit sorli

Hi Carey
I’m a phenomenologist. There is no evidence that space-time as a math model has correspondence in a physical reality. Because of that I propose: time is run of clocks in timeless space.
About the structure of the electron with Italian Physicist Davide Fiscaletti we are developing a model of electron as a packed of energy that is transported directly via quantum space.
For more information contact him.

Yours Amrit


time is a decohering field of a higher dimension(wraping on the outside of every present moment). at some point ,it collapses and solidifies that moment as the 'present moment'.
and like a collapsing decohering quantum field , its collapsing creates a myriad nested solidified present moments in a fashion not unlike fractals...interesting that the collapsing time fields abnormalities associated with high speed and strong gravitational fields is always "as seen from an outside observer".....I think reason for that has to do with something like a higher dimensional doppler like effect on the collapsing time field. ROCK ON !!!jb

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